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Nine categories of protective films to cover any specific need

Film categories

All requirements can be met by the protective films in our portfolio

Security Security

Security, Anti-Burglary, Manual Attack resistance films are especially designed for the protection of valuables and prevention of intruders.

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Safety Safety

Safety films hold broken glass pieces together and provides a barrier against falling through the glass in case of accidents, calamities, burglary, etc.

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Automotive Automotive

Provide intimacy, improve aesthetics, protect against the overheating of vehicle interiors and UV radiations that affect professional drivers, etc.

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Energy Performance Energy Performance

Solar films improve the energy performance of buildings, considerably reducing the costs on electricity expended for cooling or heating the buildings.

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Thermal Comfort Thermal Comfort

Solar films improve thermal comfort at the work place and at home by allowing the light to pass through and filtering the heating rays.

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Glare Reduction Glare Reduction

Solar films reduce the annoying blinding effect of light coming through the windows or reflected off your screen through rejecting and redirecting powerful sun rays.

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Fading Protection Fading Protection

Protect the human skin from the effects of damaging UV rays and prevent discoloration on valuable objects inside buildings.

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Privacy and Design Privacy and Design

Decorative films add a touch of class and intimacy to interiors by covering glass surfaces partially or totally with geometric or brushed patterns.

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Anti Graffiti Anti Graffiti

An effective way to protect against public property vandalism (in bus stations, subways, train stations, commercial centers, etc.).

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