Privacy and design Films

Provide privacy or decorate your glass walls

Window films are manufactured with colour or coloured reflectants which make the windows look alike from the exterior view making the inside of the building irrelevant to its appearance.

Besides adding privacy to private places, window film can also be used as a decoration tool.

There are a variety of colours, textures and patterns available to improve the design and looks of buildings and homes.

Characteristics of
privacy and design film

Our decorative films are designed to improve the appearance and functionality of windows and glass walls.

They are available in different models, offering style and privacy, without sacrificing light, at low cost.

These types of films are the ideal solution for obtaining intimacy, a decorative or architectural effect.

They can be used both in public spaces, such as: schools, commercial spaces, hospitals, restaurants, in shop windows, in offices, for the separation of individual work spaces, etc., or for residential purposes for bathrooms, entrance doors, hallway windows.

Matte translucent films are the practical solution to enhance the functionality, privacy and appearance of glass in commercial and residential environments.

Efficient economic alternative to sandblasted glass.