Security Films

Anti-Burglary protection with special Auto and Window films

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About us

TGM Impex S.R.L. was founded in 1996 to provide the long term security and comfort solutions that are so necessary these days. Our activity has focused on the distribution and installation of protective films for glass surfaces in offices, homes, vehicles etc. Today our strong team is focused on innovation and efficiency. Our goal is to continue to promote solar films, building films, security and safety films on the Romanian market for their many benefits.


Film categories

All requirements can be met by the protective films in our portfolio

Security Security

Security, Anti-Burglary, Manual Attack resistance films are especially designed for the protection of valuables and prevention of intruders.

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Safety Safety

Safety films hold broken glass pieces together and provides a barrier against falling through the glass in case of accidents, calamities, burglary, etc.

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Automotive Automotive

Provide intimacy, improve aesthetics, protect against the overheating of vehicle interiors and UV radiations that affect professional drivers, etc.

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Energy Performance Energy Performance

Solar films improve the energy performance of buildings, considerably reducing the costs on electricity expended for cooling or heating the buildings.

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Thermal Comfort Thermal Comfort

Solar films improve thermal comfort at the work place and at home by allowing the light to pass through and filtering the heating rays.

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Glare Reduction Glare Reduction

Solar films reduce the annoying blinding effect of light coming through the windows or reflected off your screen through rejecting and redirecting powerful sun rays.

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Fading Protection Fading Protection

Protect the human skin from the effects of damaging UV rays and prevent discoloration on valuable objects inside buildings.

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Privacy and Design Privacy and Design

Decorative films add a touch of class and intimacy to interiors by covering glass surfaces partially or totally with geometric or brushed patterns.

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Anti Graffiti Anti Graffiti

An effective way to protect against public property vandalism (in bus stations, subways, train stations, commercial centers, etc.).

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Certified Films

Under current legislation the films are approved in the EU and Romania

Safety and Burglary preventive films are resistant to manual attack and have been certified by international and European bodies. Additional Romanian certification has also been achieved. Since they meet all technical standards, they fall within the legal provisions of any country.

Automotive films also meet all standards required by the automotive industry and fall within the legal provisions of any country. In Romania they are certified by RAR (Romanian Auto Registry) according to European standard R43 CEE ONU.

Installation process

In order to achieve the highest efficiency, you need to consult protection film professionals

  • Expert

    For each situation our experts find a custom solution, after identifying the problems you are facing and the film protection required to deal with them

  • Measurements
    and Calculations

    The large number of parameters we have to keep in mind when choosing the right protective film means we use specialized equipment for accurate measurements

  • Delivery and

    Once we identify the solution, delivery and most importantly installation is provided by authorized personnel, educated in our technical center

Portfolio Works

Some of the projects we've worked on for major customers

  • Înfoliere geamuri Petrom

    Petrom Romania

    Protective film 12 MIL
    Security film
    Anti-Burglary and Manual Attack resistance

  • Înfoliere geamuri Sala polivalentă CS Arnok

    Multipurpose Hall Targu Secuiesc

    PoliZone Silver 20 Polycarbonate Outdoor Film
    Solar Protection and Visual Comfort

  • Înfoliere geamuri Electromagnetica București

    Office building Bucuresti

    Silver 20 Exterior Film
    Solar Protection and Building Aesthetics

  • Înfoliere geamuri Primăria Brașov

    Brasov City Hall Wedding House

    Silver 20 Exterior Film
    Greenhouse Effect Elimination

  • Înfoliere geamuri Magazin Sugas Sf. Gheorghe

    Sugas StoreSf. Gheorghe

    Silver 20 Interior Film
    Solar Protection, Intimacy, Thermal Comfort and Aesthetics

  • Înfoliere geamuri Spitalul Municipal Gheorgheni

    Municipal HospitalGheorgheni

    Silver 20 Interior and Silver Matte Film
    Solar Protection, Intimacy, Thermal Comfort and Aesthetics

Our clients

Industry and commerce companies benefit from the qualities of our films


  • 500000 m2 of film sold
  • 40000 m2 of film in stock
  • 200+ distributors in RO and HU
  • 10000+ completed projects

Authorization and Education in film installation

Our experts ensure technical consultancy, instruction and education to our partners in order to ensure the correct installation of our films. Together with our suppliers we organize regular technical seminars and refresher courses. Those completing the courses receive authorized certificates attesting their quality of authorized installing technicians.